Love from our clients


The customer service at HTP

The customer service at HTP Financial Enterprises is Outstanding! They were very professional, helpful and FAST at repairing my credit. I highly recommend this company over any other credit repair company. They get it done! Thanks for everything HTPFE!

Catherine Shultz


Great Service

I reached out to HTP Enterprises for help. I was in need of a large loan to purchase additional equipment for my business. They put me in position to purchase in just over 2 months. The process was extremely easy!!! I would recommend this to everyone. Whether you're looking to purchase your first home or start/grow your business HTP Enterprises can help!!!

Germaine Bly

G2 Logistics



HTP Financial was recommended to me by a close friend. When he told me he was paying to get assistance to restore his credit i thought he was crazy. I felt it was something he could do himself but within six weeks of starting the process, yes SIX WEEKS, his credit has gone from a 560 to a 713!!! So i signed up and mines has gone up 122 points in the past 7 weeks. This was nothing short of an INVESTMENT!! I can't wait for 2020 ?

Ashleigh Dye



He did everything he said he was going to do! My credit is in great standing and I'm also getting help with how to build some credit history. This service is worth every penny!

Daryl Johnson-Blake


A New Start

I reached out to HTP Enterprise Financial in search of a new start. I wanted more from the life I had but realized that it wouldn't be possible without great credit. I informed them of the vision I wanted and they were able to help me change my credit. After watching my credit rise 200 points, my family and I are able to purchase the house we want, start our business, and more. I just want to thank HTP Financial for making this all possible for me and helping me get a second chance from life.

Tifanny Cole


Excellent service!!

I would like to thank HTP enterprise financial for being prompt diligent and swift while working on repairing my credit score. I seen significant results in less than 45 days. I am now on my way to obtaining the things I had trouble purchasing in my past. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking to secure your future.

Steven Blake


I’m up one.

My credit score was down to about a 450 with all three major credit bureaus. I reached out to h.t.p and within three months my score for all three is over 700. I have been able to add credit lines with whom ever I want for the last month, thanks to h.t.p.

Joe’L foster

Jlf industry



I reached out to HTP Financial a couple of months ago about my goals and where I see myself. I tried working on my credit myself a few times but the progress and results weren’t going as I would’ve liked. HTP Financial was very knowledgeable and walked me through the process. We started repairing my credit two months ago and my score has went up OVER 200 POINTS!! This has hands down been THE BEST decision I’ve made for myself and my future this year! I would recommend HTP Financial to anyone hoping and looking to grow to new levels!

Simone Worthy



I contacted HTP enterprise bout my credit back in September, he gave me a time frame I would start seeing results….kept me informed with an update monthly answer every question I had this has been great service yet…..I highly recommend HTP for anyone looking too take a step forward in life..



Life Changing

Went through company after company trying to repair my credit….Paid to only have nothing done. Saw HTP and read some of the reviews and decided to reach out to HTP…Once I spoke with Nick he told me the Do’s and Don’ts and also told me what he was going to be able to do to help out with repairing my credit. Not only did he tell me what he could do but his entire team SHOWED ME what they could do and it was done. Started off with a 558 score and I’m up to a 710. Not only do they help you but they literally will text you to update you on allinformation…THAT”S WHAT YOU CALL “TEAM WORK”!!!! Hands down the best and I will refer the world to them because they really do exactly what they said and MORE!!!!!! I can’t brag on this company enough!!! This literally changed my whole life!!!

Kiristen Crawford


Credit better than money

I never worried about about credit until I got denied for everything. That’s when I realized credit is better than money. I reached out to Htp financial and they helped me get my credit from the low 500. Now I got approved for something major which is to purchase my new home. They are so
knowledgeable and encouraging. Thanks so much guys you are the best.

Teniaja Gulley


New beginnings

My score was in the low 500’s when I started the program.In just a couple months I can say I’m now in the high 700 range. I definitely appreciate the help and the professional guidance that was offered to me. I would definitely tell anyone it’s worth it and the results are real. Thanks for the help and self confidence a real life changer for me.

Martin Wyatt


I was weary in trying

I was weary in trying this out, but I’m glad I did, my credit score went up, and now I’m getting all kinds of credit card application, thanks to HTP

Natalie Moore



This isn’t the first thing I’ve gotten approved for since HTP has been repairing my credit, but it’s my most exciting purchase. Repairing my credit has been life changing. I’m going to keep my review simple by simply saying your team is the best! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Nicholas Jordan

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